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Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

Sick of going outside to turn your Christmas lights on and off? The Kasa outdoor smart plug by TP-Link will have you controlling your Christmas lights with an automatic timer or from the comfort of your own chair. While it is the perfect tech pick for Christmas lights, it is also useful for landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps or other outdoor appliances.

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Benefits of Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug:

Easy Setup

The sophisticated Kasa plug is easy to set up and use. Download the Kasa app, plug in the weather-resistant plug and follow the setup instructions within the app. You can control your lights directly by opening the app, or you can set a timer or daily schedule for your outdoor plug. The app even has the total run time for the day, past 7 days and past 30 days. As always, Nuvera TechTrends' technology solutions specialistsare available to help with setup and training. 

Waterproof for Outdoor Use

The outdoor plug has an IP64 rating that ensures your device will be protected against entry of dust, splashes of water, and fire. This gives peace of mind that your plug will be safe in the outdoor elements. When not in use, the sockets should remain capped with the included weather-resistant cover. 

Control From Anywhere With Your Smartphone

Take control of your lights or other outdoor appliances from anywhere. Do you want your Christmas lights on before you get home from work? Simply open the app and turn them on. You can also control your Kasa outdoor smart plug with your voice using Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana.

Our entire house lighting can be controlled by Alexa with the exception of our backyard lights. I needed a way to configure our backyard lights so they come on automatically at night and turn off as the sun comes out. We’ve forgotten to turn off our backyard lights on numerous times and this outdoor plug completely eliminates that issue. I have multiple KASA Smart plugs and Wall Switches throughout our house, and going through KASA again for our outdoor plug was a no brainer. The KASA app is very easy to use, you can set up timer, schedule when you want the plug/switch to turn on or off, remote control it or ask Alexa to turn it off on on for you. Very handy for automating your house or just being lazy. I can’t tell you how much thankful I am that i can control all my light switches or plugs via app/Alexa.

Andrew C.

Set an automatic time for your Christmas lights to turn on and off with the Kasa outdoor smart plug.

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