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Is your New Year's resolution to lose weight? If you want to shed pounds and become a healthier version of yourself, a smart scale can help you stay on track. The RENPHO smart scale helps you keep track of 13 essential body measurements by connecting it to a variety of fitness apps, including weight, BMI and body fat percentage. Scale data will be automatically uploaded into the app of your choosing any time you weigh yourself.

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Benefits of RENPHO Smart Scale:

Easy Setup

This sophisticated smart scale is beyond easy to set up. Results are fast and it syncs perfectly with the Renpho Scale app. It also syncs with other apps you may be using to track your health, such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit App, Google Fit and others, so you can view all of your information in one place. 

Automatically Track Body Measurements

The Renpho Scale app allows you to track more than just your body weight. It tracks 13 essential body measurements including weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. Your weight is affected by your height, muscle mass, water retention and other factors, which is what makes this scale so helpful. 

Stay on Track by Monitoring Your Progress

This smart scale is very accurate according to user reviews. If you step on the scale three times in a row, you'll get the same reading every time. You'll be able to monitor your progress in the Renpho app, or any other health app of your choosing. Use this smart scale to ultimately reach your bodyweight goal. 

I still can’t believe this scale was only $30! I’m a huge fan of the LoseIt! App and was looking for a Bluetooth scale that would make it quick and easy to track my progress each time without having to open the app and add my weight. Also BMI and body comp stats are something I was looking for in my next scale as well.

What really surprised me about this scale was how easy it was to setup. I’m used to having to go through various Bluetooth pairing processes but once I put the batteries in and created a profile In the RENPHO app it found the scale automatically.

Using the scale is easy when I want to record my weight I just open the RENPHO app and leave my phone on the sink, step on the scale and a few seconds later I’m done!

Because the RENPHO app can write data to Apple Health all my measurements are updated across my phone and LoseIt! can read my weight info!

I also love that the scale works without the app so my husband can weigh himself on it without messing up my measurements. It only records weights to the app when it’s open which is PERFECT for my household.

Great product, highly recommend!

Vance Valerio

Keep your New Year's resolution to lose weight top of mind with this smart bathroom scale.

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