Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Great for typing notes on a tablet or smartphone
Bring it with you wherever you go
Connects to devices via Bluetooth technology
Comes with a free phone holder


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USB Memory Stick for Smartphone

Have you ever lost images from your phone breaking or resetting? This USB FlashDrive plugs into your devices and lets you transfer photos and videos.

Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Reader

This Bluetooth car diagnostic reader diagnoses vehicle malfunction codes, why the check engine light came on and the severity of the issue 

Pivoting Surge Protector

Typical surge protectors without the pivoting outlets don't leave the space needed to plug in all of your electronics. 

Fingerprint Padlock

No more password combinations or keys you need to remember. Use this smart padlock to unlock your bike or gym locker with just your fingerprint. 

Wireless Mug Warmer and Phone Charger

The perfect combination for any home office. Keep your coffee hot and your smartphone charged at the same time with this wireless mug warmer/phone charger.

Banana Phone

This Bluetooth Banana Phone handset will surely get you attention. This fully-functional handset phone is a fun white elephant or gag gift.

Cable Holder Clips

Cable holder clips are a great addition to any office or bedside table to keep your cords organized and accessible when you need them.

Universal Cleaning Gel

The ColorCoral cleaning gel is great to have on hand in your home office to clean messy computer keyboards, printers, cell phones or other appliances.

Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa so you can use your voice to control any outlet. You can also create a schedule to turn on lights and appliances.

Polaroid 3D Printer

Have you been interested in getting into 3D printing as a hobby? The Polaroid 3D printer is easy-to-use provides step-by-step instructions. 

Lazy Smartphone Holder

If you ever get sick of your holding your phone while streaming shows on road trips, the lazy smartphone holder wraps around your neck and holds it for you.

TV Backlights LED Strip

Add pizzazz to your living room with these backlight LED strips. The LED backlights change colors and speeds based on the rhythm of movies and music.

Destruct Hard Drive Eraser

Have an old computer you want to sell or dispose of? Ensure your hard drive is completely wiped with this Destruct Eraser to remove confidential files. 

Smartphone Screen Magnifier

This 12" screen magnifier will help you relieve visual fatigue and discomfort from watching movies and shows on your small smartphone screen.

Gaming Computer Desk

If you're big into computer gaming, you'll want to put this 55" gaming desk with cup holder and headphone hook on your wish list for the best experience.

TrackR Bravo Bluetooth Tracker

The TrackR Bravo Bluetooth tracker easily slips in your wallet, backpack or clips to your handbag to ensure you find what is lost and see where you had them last. 

Echo Frames With Alexa

These Echo Frames with Alexa will have you living 10 years ahead of now. Make calls, reminders, to-do lists or listen to music without having to use your phone.

Foldable Pocket Keyboard

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could type on your phone to respond to emails while on the go, this foldable keyboard will fit right in your pocket. 

Star Wars Talking Clapper

If you have any Star Wars nerds in your life, you know they will love this talking Clapper. Darth Vader tells you about the dark side and knows you have the force.

Harry Potter Bluetooth Remote

This universal remote wand is perfect for any Harry Potter wizard or witches you may know. They can control TVs, Blu-ray players and speakers with this wand.

Furbo Dog Camera With Treat Launcher

The Furbo dog camera lets you check in on your pet while you are away from home and also tosses treats. Full HD camera with two-way audio.

Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

If you're someone who loves to take a bunch of photos on your smartphone camera, you can use this Fujifilm Instax printer to easily print photos.

Mini Dash Cam

The mini dash cam can easily be concealed behind the rearview mirror and comes with 1080p recording, night vision and 24//7 monitoring. 

Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Another great find for smartphone photo takers who want their photos to look more professional. These lens options clip right to your smartphone.

Portable Solar Charger

When going on adventures, a portable solar charge will come in handy. Scratch and waterproof resistant and powered by the sun to charge your device.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

The Rocketbook is an environmentally-friendly notebook that saves you from wasting paper and can be used endlessly for note taking.

Whistle Go Explore Dog Tracker

This pet tracker clips to their leash so you can quickly locate an animal that likes to take off. It also tracks health, nutrition & activity of your pet.

Bluetooth Tracker for Wallet & Purse

The Tile is a high-performance Bluetooth tracker for keys, bags and more. Ring your tile pro when it is within 400 feet to find where you left an item.

Scanmarker Air Pen

A Scanmarker Air Pen is a cool tool you can use to highlight portions of a book you want to remember, convert text to speech or even translate languages.

Portable Car Vacuum

Help keep your car looking like it was cleaned by professionals with this portable car vacuum. This powerful, yet tiny vacuum will let you reach all areas.

Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Have a curious kitten that enjoys chasing the evil red dot of doom? This cat laser toy automatically turns itself on when it spots a cat come into the room.

Car Cup for Smartphone or Fries

This fits into cup holders on most standard vehicles and holds your smartphone or fries so you can drive hands-free. Verify your car's make and model before buying.

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